Music: Physio for the Brain

Susan Lee has run a successful piano studio in her home for the past 35 years. She takes pride in getting to know the students and their families. All of the teaching is done by her within her studio - no lessons are passed on to lesser qualified teachers. Students get one on one attention and all lessons are individually tailored to meet their needs.

About the Studio

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

At Susan Lee's Piano Studio, you will receive expert personal attention from Susan, the director. No lessons are sub contracted, and the personally tailored lessons will result in high levels of excellence and mastery of the piano.


Professional Private Piano Lessons

Lessons are taught one on one in an enclosed, stimulating environment. Focused attention on each individual student with personally tailored lessons.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are ongoing and always available. Whether due to inclement weather, or busy schedules, lessons may be switched to online at last minute if need be!

Music Theory Study

Music theory is an integral part of music instrument studies. Theory will be incorporated into the lessons as of the first lesson!


Susan is an experienced collaborative pianist. She has extensive experience as an accompanist to all instruments and voice. Available for exams, music festivals, auditions, recitals.

Pedagogy and Advanced Lessons

Susan has run a studio with expertise for 30+ years. She has taught aspiring teachers and experienced teachers wanting to improve their skills. Contact Susan for prep in ARCT pedagogy. Pedagogy is a specialty of Susan’s.


"After completing my level 10 piano in B.C. I had taken a 13 year hiatus from music lessons. I made the decision to continue on  to finish my A.R.C.T. in Pedagogy. My search for a teacher in Ontario came to an end when I found Susan Lee! She has taken me through Elementary and Intermediate Pedagogy. I am now currently studying for Advanced and I couldn't be happier. She has not only pushed me to become a better pianist, I am a better musician. I leave my lessons feeling encouraged and motivated. Her honesty is exactly what I need to focus my practice for the week ahead. She has already made a huge impression on my life as a musician that I will cherish forever.  Thank you Susan!"

Jennifer Rozander

"Ms. Susan Lee is an exceptional piano instructor with patience, deep knowledge, and high standards. She is methodical, logical, and purposeful about her instruction maintaining a balance between technique and exercises. Her patience and clear expectations are greatly appreciated. As a parent, I appreciate her attention to detail and her customization of curriculum and lessons to meet the learning needs of my children. With her deep knowledge, she is able to quickly assess student learning and customize instruction to ensure they acquire the necessary skills.  In addition, she has adapted her instruction to meet the current needs of her students through live, virtual lessons. She offers virtual lessons, via a number of different digital platforms, where she continues to maintain her high standards and expectations from her students. Virtual lessons have been highly interactive, structured, and well-organized. My children have enjoyed both experiences, the virtual and face-to-face lessons, with Ms. Lee.   Ms. Susan Lee  is a phenomenal piano instructor. She truly cares about her students and the development of their abilities. She gets to know them at a personal level, interacting with them in a professional and friendly manner. Her attention to detail and flexibility with regards to lesson format is greatly appreciated. "


Marzia Occhionorelli

"Susan has been teaching our kids for over twenty-five years.  She has brought out the best in each child, whether a beginner or a teenager preparing for a grade ten Royal Conservatory exam.  Reliable, patient (remarkably so), disciplined, knowledgeable, professional,... and she loves music!  We have complete confidence in her work."

Dr. Mark and

Mari-Lou Germain

Why Take Piano Lessons?

Not only can piano lessons be a fun and challenging activity for children and adults alike, they can benefit your life and your future in numerous ways. Music is brain building, soul enriching and just a great way to ‘escape’. Piano study offers the best avenue to explore all of this. Coordination skills are challenged in an elite way as two hands are involved almost immediately ; Music is a language. Signs and symbols, like all languages, but so much more!


Can Lessons Start at Any Point During the Year?

Yes, a student may start at any point. As the lessons are private and individually paced, start time does not matter. It is easier to get a lesson time, however, in September as time slots tend to fill up then.

What Age is Recommended to Start Piano Lessons?

Any age! Children are most responsive to private lessons at age 5-6. Adults can start any time at any age.

Where Do the Lessons Take Place?

In my home studio. Students will play on a 6' grand piano in a sound proof, comfortable, and work friendly atmosphere. As well, online lessons are available from the comfort of your own home, anywhere.

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